Friday, May 23, 2008

When dogs go missing

Apropos the recent posts here on Michelle de Kretser's novel The Lost Dog, someone at Club Troppo's Missing Link observed the other day that 'cats were always going to favour novels where dogs go missing'.

And how true it is.

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  1. And when the cats away the mouse will play.

    It reminds me of this eccentric King Charles Cavalier Spaniel we used to have until it passed away a few years ago. Externally it would project the image of the territorial dog from Tom and Jerry, but if always thought if a cat had taken a swipe with its claws, it would have retreated faster than the Iraqi infantry.

    I can still remember the comic instances when my dogs bark was obviously much fiercer than its bite (actually this dog really didn't have an aggression bone in its body, for all its displays of masculinity, he was more of the layabout type). But when the doorbell rang the dog needed to put on its show of authority, and would for a couple of minutes produce a cacophony that would disrupt whatever was happening in the house. And then the minute the door was opened the dog would sprint behind the television set to hide. Whoever said dogs are like people wasn't much wrong, mind you hopefully its the only characteristic my old dog shared with Dick Cheney.