Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Australian novels: a quiz

The multi-talented Ampersand Duck has put together a quiz about favorite Australian novels. I was surprised by how hard I had to think about some of these. It's a magnificent bit of procrastination for those struggling to get back into a work groove, especially seeing that most of the people who read this would probably be able to justify it as work. Sort of. More or less. The quiz is here.


  1. Hmm, an interesting quiz, but I was handicapped in some cases by having read only one title by the author and not liking it enough to vote for it. I feel a bit guilty about that now because one of these has been deprived of a much needed vote.
    Such a small sample (12 when I did the quiz on the 4th of January in the afternoon) makes it pointless to draw conclusions but in the spirit of magnificent procrastination I will anyway.
    High scores (more than 50%) for 'haven't read any' were for Nicholas Jose, David Ireland, Marjorie Barnard, Rodney Hall, Dymphnia Cusack, and Roger McDonald. I was delighted to see that Patrick White put in a respectable performance, we Aussies are not so disdainful about him as his reputation suggests!
    However since I haven't joined up with Quibblo, I think my answers will be lost in cyberspace forever anyway.
    Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers, Melbourne
    PS It would be a mistable to assume that those of us who read your blog can justify it for work purposes - I read it for pleasure!

  2. Thank you, Lisa!

    I think there are more responses to the quiz arriving -- I reckon it was up to 18 when I had a look late last night.

  3. Ye Gods! I scored about 28 "haven't read any"s.
    I think I have found a new retirement project.